Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who say's black and brown don't work?

I've always thought any colors were fine to mesh together as long as they were neutral shades, but I was told, a while back, to never combine the two colors together. I saw what the person meant or at-least I think I did. Dull. Dreary. Color-blind (but why is the blue-black combo. fine?). Yes? But I dislike how it hinders me from wearing a pair of black shoes just because my outfit's brown. I, especially, hate it when the whole look works together, if not for the color combination. I say if it works, why not. If not, then ...uhhh, don't do it. Obviously.

And whoa, quite the look with her shoes.


Henar said...

Brown&Black work perfectly together, I love them!!
Great outfit choices, I love this pics!

hannah said...

all these outfits look amazing!! thanks for the post :)

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