Friday, December 3, 2010

Dress? What dress?

I dread having to wear a dress. While it's great to look extra nice, I'm always the type to think that my body is not suited to wear outfits that reveal my lower half. To be frank, it's just not that attractive looking. I could be quite insecure, but to me, my legs look manly or stumpy/short. Haha. Hence, I tend to cover it up and yes, I'm not a fan of Summer.

In the past, whenever there were those times that it was necessary to dress up, I'd always get into a little argument with my Mom; she could never understand why I was being so ...unenthusiastic? What to wear what to wear was the question of doom. I'd bother my sisters and they probably thought I was making a big deal out of nothing.


Christmas is near and so is having to look like I'm thankful. Oh well, yes, I'm quite thankful. There's no doubt about that. I just got to coincide my thankfulness together with how I should look. And so, I've made some mental side notes on what would suit my body type while browsing for outfit ideas.

I adore these ensembles and yes, I do believe I'll look quite alright in any them:

Ok, I guess this is really what I'm going to try to replicate. One word: uncomplicated. Beautiful looks out there, but they're just going to shorten my legs furthermore.


Lee Oliveira said...

Gorgeous dress!
Love the black ribbon detail

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