Friday, February 18, 2011


I know everyone has different type of things that truly motivates them to lose weight. I thought looking at ANY pictures of a models/celebrities in a magazine would get me inspired to lose weight. That doesn't apply to me. I've tried that and I failed. I'd browse through my friends and friend's friends pictures and suddenly, something clicked. I realized that what motivated me was looking at pictures of someone that looked like me ...only more fit. Meaning to say, someone Asian like me. I thought, I can look like that! You know? Is that nonsense talk? Well, it worked for me. My sisters even thought I was being too strict with my diet.

I was going through my usual site visits and just looking at some of the images is giving me some push to prepare for Summer. May I say that she's a gorgeous girl with great taste even without this weight talk.

I know the bad rep cut off denim shorts have but I still think she looks great in 'em.


Julia said...

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